Industry Recognition

Industry Recognition

  • William Farrer Award 2009

Established in 1911 to perpetuate the memory of William James Farrer and encourage agricultural scientists. It includes the delivery of an annual oration and the presentation of the Farrer Memorial Medal to a distinguished agricultural scientist for service rendered in the fields of research, education or administration.

  • AOCS Fellow 2014

In recognition of achievement in science and appreciation for significant service to the American Oil Chemists’ Society

  • Emeritus Member – AOCS 2019

In appreciation for dedication and loyalty to the American Oil Chemists’ Society

  • KSLA Fellow 2012

Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry. Recognition of contributions to agriculture

  • Timothy L. Mounts Award (AOCS) 2008

For research accomplishments relating to the science, technology or applications of edible oils or derivatives in food products.

  • National Agricultural Commodities Trading Association 2000

Plaque awarded by NACMA, acknowledgment as an icon of the 20th Century for his contributions to Australian agriculture.

  • Australian Olive Association 2001

Life Membership, contributions to the Australian olive industry.

  • Australian Oilseed Federation 2001

Honorary member, contributions to the Australian oilseed industry.

  • Damian Conlan Memorial lecture medal 2005

Rylstone Harvest Workshop memorial lecture.


Dr Mailer’s work as a research scientist has centred around edible oil research. He was central in establishing a world class laboratory specifically designed for research and development of edible oils. With funding from Horticulture Australia Ltd. and collaboration with colleagues, he developed an internationally recognised sensory panel for testing oils. The integrity of the research was ensured by obtaining accreditation of several organisations of international acclaim as follows.

ISO: The Laboratory had an International Standards Organisation quality management system implemented in 1998.

NATA: Methods used in the laboratory were accredited by National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

AOCS: He was an approved Chemist of the American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) from 1997- 2009 for analysis of edible oils fatty acids and trans fatty acids. The laboratory gained first place internationally in the annual Olive Proficiency Program in 2001 and was given special mention again in 2004.

IOC – AORL: was, at the time, one of only 37 laboratories in the world with accreditation to analyse olive oil on behalf of the International Olive Council (IOC) since becoming accredited in 2001.

IOC Sensory Panel – Dr Mailer established a sensory panel for organoleptic evaluation of olive oil. This panel has been accredited by NATA and the IOC and endorsed as the Australian Olive Association’s panel, and was the only officially accredited panel for olive oil in Australia.