Rod Mailer

Australian Oils Research Expert

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Dr Mailer’s role relates to research of oils and oil crops, including quality and crop improvement, applied research significant to the industry and education and training in line with that research. Results from research over many years have been disseminated through scientific journals, advisory articles, industry reports, conferences and workshops, farmers meetings and television, newspaper and radio articles.

Initially Dr Mailer worked to develop canola quality rapeseed, for export markets, to compete in international canola markets. His study focused on factors responsible for quality characteristics including agronomic and environmental studies. Many publications on these issues here illustrate the role of nutrients, water and temperature stress on oilseed quality.

For a number of years he has studied olive oil quality and production as the crop has developed into a significant Australian industry. His studies focused on how quality can be controlled. Irrigation, harvest timing, processing and storage have been the key factors in this research. He has worked to identify issues of fraud or adulteration in commercial olive oils both within Australia and internationally, particularly in the USA. He became accredited with the International Olive Council and utilized those methods to ensure that consumers can ensure what they buy, or sell, is indeed extra virgin olive oil.

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Dr Mailer has played a key role in developing standards for edible oils for Australia and globally in his role as a Technical representative on the International Standards Organisation, Codex Alimentarius and Standards Australia.

Dr Mailer developed reliable and rapid methodology which has contributed to developments in the canola industry throughout Australia. He has managed several industry projects with funding provided by Grains Research and Development Corporation, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, Horticulture Australia Ltd, Australian Oilseeds Federation, Australian Olive Association and NSW Department of Primary Industries.

For several years he has supervised Australia's major commercial oil testing laboratory, The Australian Oils Research Laboratory, Wagga Wagga, focussing on olive and canola analysis but also encompassing a wide range of oil products.

Dr Mailer continues to play a role in research as a research Fellow with the Department of Primary Industries in NSW within Industry and Investment NSW. He works with industry through the company “Australian Oils Research.

Academic Qualifcations
Doctor of Philosophy: University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1993.
Master of Science: Australian National University, Canberra, 1988.
Bachelor of Applied Science: Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, 1982

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